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Знаете это чувство, которое охватывает на вокзале или в аэропорту? Эта слегка уловимая встревоженность, как будто немного саднит. Всегда лучше уезжать, нежели провожать. И хотя я очень люблю уезжать, прямо перед отъездом буквально на пару секунд становится самую малость некомфортно, лень, тревожно. Зачем куда-то ехать? Базовая функция мозга, обеспечивающая мое выживание, просит меня остаться дома, где безопасно, где все известно наперед, потому что если уехать, то как бы чего не вышло. Буквально пару секунд, незаметные для меня самой переговоры внутри и я, конечно, еду. Выхожу из дома, проверяя основные вещи, но точно зная, что что-нибудь забыто.

“Дороги – самый сильный наркотик, какой только есть на земле, каждая из них ведёт к десятку других”

Стивен Кинг

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owns my heart

This year, confirmed, i’ll have a company during at least 3 of my trips. That’s 100% more than last year. I get used to travel alone. And it’s a different world. I meet people, some of them stay the part of my heart. This is a small world.

I mentioned in my previous post I fall in love with the place if I have a chance to stay there more than my usual 2-3 days. From recent I’m definitely in L-O-V-E with Portugal. And i’m not the only one.

I’m sorry for my English — I do use it every day at work, but I mostly speak on finance, IT, AI topics; and as soon as it is just a random conversation, especially in a written form, I see that I lack harmony in my writing. I see my efforts to put words into sentences as mere trees hewing.

So Russian will follow, but I keep on trying in English just for the sake of self-improvement and ghost English-speaking readers.

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Feels like Saturday

Minsk, March 2nd, 2018. It’s been a while.

Русский будет ниже, но я не гарантирую, что это будет перевод. Может, я буду писать по-английски об одном и по-русски о другом.

I actually enjoyed writing once in a while, but in a form of runaway — this was my emotional exit in the teen age. So i have a bunch of small stories left and i’m sure I don’t want to re-read them ever again. Maybe for laughs. Big drama there, anyway.

However few of my friends thought i’m capable of writing and encouraged me to start a blog. First it was LiveJournal, then here, wordpress. One of my acquaintances even insisted on creating a real site out of blog. And one of my long-time friends actually appeared in my life when finding and reading my blog, which i’m grateful for — never too many good people in one’s life.

So it’s been a while, but I want to start writing again. I don’t see no reasons to change the core topics — food and travel. This is what I love and I dare to say many people share these passions. Do you?

Since my last described trip to Gran Canaria i’ve been to Kiev, Ukraine; Warsaw, Poland; St Petersburg, Russia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Moscow many times; had a trip around Belarus; Neuschwanstein Castle, South Bavaria, Germany; Porto, Algarve and Lisbon, Portugal; Katowice, Poland; and Venice, Italy.

This year is about to bring Rome, Florence, Paris and smth I haven’t decided on yet.

Majority of my trips are extremely short — 2-4 days usually. If I have a chance to stay somewhere for a week or two — i definitely fall in love with the place and think I could live there. Big bluff, i guess.

This is my map — was hard to put only countries i’ve been to instead of countries i work with 🙂

So where should I bring you in next small story? Venice, huh?

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